Why Hiring a Landscape Company is a Good Idea

Do you always intend to relax in your garden but don’t ever seem to have time to stay up on weeds or are you frustrated trying to keep plants thriving?   Hiring a knowledgeable professional is worth the cost and can even save your money in the long run.   Having a nice landscape also increases the value of your home and makes it more desirable, a trait that also makes homes sell faster on the market.   A nice thought out landscape really stands out!

When you hire a landscape company, you’re paying for their knowledge and hard work.   There are lots of ‘landscapers’ out there, but it takes a good education, experience, and great interest to become a professional who has a great skill set to take care of a garden properly.   It takes a lot of work, thought, and planning to maintain a great looking garden. Hiring a professional landscape company can make a really big difference in the look of your landscape.

Below are 6 thoughts on why hiring a landscape company is beneficial to you and why the expense of a professional landscaper is well worth it.   

(Kelly, 2016)


#1 Enjoy The Time in Your Garden Instead of Tending It!

Even the smallest of gardens need some work each week during the growing season. Then there’s spring cleanup, fall maintenance, winterizing, and planning for next year.   Hiring a landscape company means you can free up your time for other important things.   It also means you can just enjoy your garden instead of thinking about what needs to be done.   Even if you enjoy some garden work, you can hire a landscaper to do a bulk of the harder work to reduce the stress in getting it done.

#2 Mistakes Can Be Minimized

Hiring a professional landscape can be worth the cost especially over time.   Have you ever experienced ‘stingy man pays the most’?   All of us at some point has probably had the experience of taking a shortcut.   It may have ended up costing us later whether it was time, money, or stress!

One of the costliest mistakes in gardening is using plants that do not do well in a landscape.   This could mean plants dying, plants that require too much maintenance, planting an invasive plant that takes over, or putting in a too large to small of plant.   A skilled landscaper or designer can prevent this from happening by recommending plants that are going to succeed and removing those that won’t.

A very knowledgeable gardener can also pinpoint potential problems and recommend solutions before things get out of hand.   This could be pointing out problematic trees, invasive weeds or plants, plants that will destroy buildings, or plant diseases/insect infestations.

#3 A Professional Landscaper Knows Their Stuff

Someone who runs a landscape company for a living will know what plants will look great in the space they are given. They can pick out plants that are going to work within the landscape and your tastes. Professional gardeners or designers have a special eye for this and will pick up on things others may not notice.

  • A landscaper will know how to make a garden interesting throughout the whole year
  • Where to purchase the best plants and materials
  • Knows how to prune properly.   Bad pruning can cause a plant to become mis-shaped or unhealthy to the point it should be removed
  • Knows how to mulch properly and best types of mulch
  • Is detailed and cleans up
  • Is willing to research issues when needed
  • Points out issues in the garden and how to solve them
  • Knows plants and how to take care of them
  • Addresses any mistakes they may have made
  • Are dependable and on time

#4 They’re Efficient and Have the Right Tools

A professional landscaper will be more efficient and likely faster at garden work because they know proper methods and have good tools.   Even cheaply made tools can be costly and quality landscaping tools are an investment.   A good landscape company also takes the time to clean tools after use to prevent spread of disease and to maintenance the tools regularly.

#5 Gardening Is Hard Work

Lots of people have shared experiences in spending a day gardening and waking up the next morning not being able to move!   Some of us may not be able to physically endure garden work.   Doing a lot of gardening can be really hard on the body, especially if we are not used to it.   Crouching on the ground, bending at odd angles, living heavy objects, digging, pulling on weeds, and getting up and down are all tough jobs and take a lot of energy.   There’s also bees, wasps, poison ivy, snakes, disease carrying ticks, sunburns, heat stroke, wind burn, cold temperatures, and rain.

#6 Credentials & Experience

It is important to hire a landscape company who has credentials.   In any service there is a wide variety of skilled and unskilled workers.   There are a lot of unskilled laborers who believe they know how to take care of a landscape. 

In speaking with a gardener, you should be able to pick up if they are knowledgeable.   Here are a few questions to ask yourself before hiring.   A professional should have all or at least some of these listed on their website.   If they don’t, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • What is their education and background?
  • Do they have examples of their work?
  • Do they show their knowledge on their site or other forms of media?
  • Do they have testimonials?
  • Are they responsive to your calls or emails?
  • Do they garden organically or are eco-conscious?
  • Do they have a mission with their business?
  • Do they offer specialty services? Is their business green?


(Kelly, 2016)

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