Landscape Install

Landscape Installation

First, what is landscape installation? 

It is the process of installing plants, water features, rock formations, retaining walls, walkways and patios, and other outdoor structures in a manner where all facets of the landscape complement each other.

Second, what is so important about proper landscape installation? 

Some consumers and businesses have landscape installed without consulting a landscape designer. Many times, it is necessary for the landscape work to be taken out because it does not work for a variety of reasons. Consulting a landscape designer to develop a master plan (the drawing that represents the landscape and/or hardscape - decks, walkways, water gardens, retaining walls, etc.- to be installed) can save a client money. 

An appropriate landscape installation begins with evaluating the master plan to determine what changes will be needed in the grade. What soil amendments are needed and what plants have been selected that need to be installed. 

Once the master plan has been analyzed for these elements, a landscape designer’s knowledge and experience are utilized to determine the appropriate installation approach. Proper landscape installation is the How To of landscaping. Much education, experience and hands on training are required in developing a successful landscape design. If someone’s background and experience is not sufficient for a project to be successful, plants, walkways, retaining walls, water gardens, stone structures, etc. will be improperly installed. 

The landscape installation process begins with the hardscape portion of the landscape. The hardscapes of your landscape are the first features to be installed. Attention to detail is crucial to the overall success of your hardscape design. It is important to have a working knowledge regarding proper procedures of installing hardscape features. Proper installation insures the client problem free use for years to come. It is important to hire a professional in this field as you do in other fields such as a medical doctor when you are ill, an air conditioning specialist when you have this type of trouble.