Lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Tri State Enterprise takes pride in not over scheduling our crews at the expense of our customers not receiving proper service. With us you will receive dependable service from trained service personnel with the understanding it is a privilege to work on your property. All mow service are set up on a weekly service (season long contracts).


Bush Hog


Cutting of heavy brush and vegetation.   From 1/2 acre lots to multi acre fields. 


Right Away Spraying

Commercial Vegetation Control

Do you have a commercial or industrial property that needs total control of vegetation?   Whether it is a storage site, parking lot, or any location where control of undesirable vegetation is required or needed, we can put together a plan that meets your specifications.

Areas where bare ground vegetation control is used:

• Mini Storage     • Athletic Field (baseball, soccer, football, etc)     • Gravel Driveway     • Parking Lots     • Walkways     • Patios     • Building Perimeters     • Fence Rows     • Farm Buildings     • Around Signposts, Concrete Islands & Right-of-Ways     • Petroleum Tank Farms •Substations     • Pumping Stations

Tri State Lawn Care's Vegetation Control Program can eliminate virtually all types of unwanted vegetation in the area's you want to keep clean.   Out methods are designed to minimize environmental impacts though careful, experienced, selection of treatment methods, timing and appropriate herbicides.   This allows us to reduce the total volume of herbicides needed and protects non-target are and species