Professional Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Our professional lawn care program is tailored to individual needs of your lawn.

  • Materials adjusted from season to season.
  • Superior service only locally owned and operated company can provide.
  • Free Estimates.
  • Bermuda grass control.
  • Professional technicians.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Friendly local/superior service.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Custom lawn care program.
  • Realistic expectations.
  • Lawn care management with over 30 years of experience.

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Lawn Care Programs

Our program begins by technicians completing a lawn analysis and recommending the program best suited for your lawn based on your expectations and conditions of your lawn, our technicians may also recommend additional services for your lawn to reach its full potential.  Check out our programs offered.

Lawn Care Programs

All programs include two applications to control crab grass, in the spring broad leaf weed control when needed, safety is our number one issue for your property and the environment. Our licensed technician carefully measure and apply products when and where needed. Our professionals are familiar with the areas soil conditions to different locations in our communities, our programs are tailored to the needs of your lawn.

Additional Programs


AeriationInvolves perforating the soil with small holes (cones) to allow all water and nutrients to penetrate to the grass roots.

Yearly core aeration helps manage thatch and can produce great results, with a managed fertilization and weed control program.

  • Aeration reduces soil compaction.
  • Reduces thatch.
  • Allows access to root zone.
  • Enhances seed germination
  • Overseeding introduces new grass seed to fill in bare or thin areas as well as thicken existing turf.
  • Overseeding builds resistance to disease.
  • Aeration and overseeding will help reduce weeds.
  • Aeration and overseeding will immediately improve your lawns current appearance

Lawn Renovation

Lawn RenovationSome lawns may be easier to start over than try to manage the existing grasses in your lawn.

Our experts can give you advice on which direction may be best to obtain a beautiful lawn.

Renovation can encompass several different steps to obtain your desired lawn.

  • Spray herbicide to kill all existing vegetation.
  • Add soil amendments.
  • Till soil
  • Aerate
  • Apply starter fertilizer
  • Fine grade
  • Sow seed by broadcasting or slicing seed in by machine.

Grub Control

Grub Control

How to keep grubs away from your lawn?

If you have problems with beetles, such as Japanese beetles in the early summer, and dead patches of grass appear in your lawn late summer you could have grubs. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, and chafers among others. The C-shaped creatures feast on the roots of the grass and plants. To find out if you a problem, peel back a sq. ft. of turn or scrape back the top layer of soil in your garden beds. If you see 6 or more grubs, it’s time for action.

It’s easier to control grubs in the lawn when they are small. Preventative grub control products go down before or just as the grub's hatch in spring through early summer or when you see adult beetles.

A few grubs in the garden aren’t usually a problem, but if you notice lots of grubs when you turn the soil, it may be time to protect your plants by taking action.

Our technicians will make recommendations based on current conditions of your lawn and past history and what type of grub control plan is best for your property.

Flea & Tick Control

Mow it right - mow lawn to proper height.

Avoid over watering - fleas and ticks prefer moist environments.

Keep it clean – neatness counts when it comes to eliminating habitats for fleas and ticks to hid and lay eggs.

Check pet hang out – flea and tick larvae remain within 50 ft. of your pet’s favorite resting area.

Limit wildlife – urban wildlife carry fleas and ticks; if critters visit regularly, consider ways to reduce your yard's appeal.

Protect your home – establish a barrier around your home with a pesticide perimeter treatment.

Create a no-migrate zone – remove weeds, brush, and leaf litter.

Consider cedar – cedar mulch repels fleas and ticks, use it as a border or where your pet likes to play or rest.

Welcome predators – if your grass is mowed to the right height, birds eat these insects; but if you’re hanging bird feeders create a balance so you do not attract squirrels or other warm blooded animals.

Let the sun shine – prune trees and shrubs to allow more sunlight as fleas and ticks prefer moist, shady areas.

Lime Application

Lime applicationMost soil in the tri state area does not require lime but there are some areas of exception.

We can take soil samples if you have had trouble with your lawns health and it has not responded to regular fertilization and weed control.

Acidic soils do not allow proper nutrient absorption of the grass, plants and can hinder microorganisms beneficial to control the thatch in your lawn

Tree and Shrub Program

Tree and shrub program

We offer the following tree and shrub services.

Dormant Oil

This is a foliar application spray to control the eggs of many insects before they hatch.

Birch & Holly Tree Injection

This application is injected into the soil and taken up by surface feeding roots to prevent Leaf Miners in birches and hollies.

Insect-Mite Spray Control Program

The four sprays are spaced at four to six week intervals to control insects that are harmful to trees and shrubs.

Deep Root Fertilization

This application is injected into the soil and provides essential micro and macro nutrients for all trees and shrubs.

Holly Tone

This will encourage plant health and vigor in acid loving plants, including azaleas, hollies, rhododendrons and many other evergreens.


This valuable application will control disease problems of your trees and shrubs.

Winter Overcoat

This application reduces winter injury on sensitive evergreen ornamentals. A waxy covering is sprayed on the leaves and stems to prevent moisture loss during winters harsh weather.

Recommended Spring Tree & Shrub Programs

  • Dormant Oil: for insect control.
  • Birch & Holly Tree Injection: to control Leaf Miners.
  • Fungicides: To control disease.
  • Insect-Mite Spray: for general insect control.
  • Deep Root Fertilization.
  • Holly Tone: fertilizer for acid-loving plants.

Recommended Summer Tree & Shrub Programs

  • Insect-Mite-Spray.

Recommended Fall Tree & Shrub Programs

  • Insect-Mite Spray.
  • Holly Tone.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: provides macro and micronutrients to trees and shrubs.
  • Winter Overcoat: prevents winter injury to sensitive evergreen ornamentals.
  • Dormant Oil: for insect control.

Applications are unnecessary during the winter when trees and shrubs are dormant.